Purchasing, Sending & Receiving Gifts Has Never Been Easier!

Fungifter combines the best features of a mobile app, multi-merchant marketplace and gift certificates into one awesome web based gifting solution.  What is web based?  That means you don’t have to download anything.  It operates like a website but has extra functions like an app.

Watch A Video About Sending & Receiving

*Gift recipients do not need an account to claim a gift!


Latest Experiences

How it Works

Apply to be a Vendor

If you want to sell your ‘experiences’ in the Fungifter Marketplace just fill out the application, create your products and start promoting your vendor page.

Create your products

Adding your products is as simple as deciding on a title, writing a small description, including a price and uploading a product image.  Create products and upload images from your phone!

Sell and make money

Sell your products to our customers and earn 90% of every item you sell.  Payments are split in real time so you get paid instantly!  You must have a Paypal account to receive payment.